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Our site is altogether different from existing job sites . It is designed and developed to save you lots and lots of time and money because it can differentiate the data of the users and for the users to the imaginable extreme limits, only the user should need to decide how much of it is needed or how much of it serves his purpose; only needs to spend some time on the site to get used to its navigation. You will know the differences or the differentiation which can be only experienced by using it.
Why is so much differentiation needed? Imagine if one has to search a dozen candidates out of millions or if one has to search jobs from thousands; it helps then. In usual practice, we have observed that a search for candidates on a few conditions throws up too many candidates to humanely grasp their back ground and that causes imperfect matching to the job specs. It then neither satisfies the candidates nor the person searching for them.
Same happens when a job seeker looks for jobs.
In a nut shell, we firmly believe this is a method to reduce asymmetry of information from imperfect employment markets and it is the way towards making symmetrical information available to make these markets perfect to help greatly more employment.
We receive feed back from so many candidates that filling up data in this site is lengthy and tedious. Our reply to them lies in what has been stated above. If they care not to submit sufficient data, not only do they receive poor job matches but the entire employment market suffers from consequential frictions. One person vacates a job, it creates an infinite chain of motion which gathers higher momentum in absence of the friction.

1 Only we are connecting globally - The databases are so created that a user (say an employer) can access data to search suitable candidates globally for jobs at any desired locations, thus it provides him more choices about candidates to help him to obtain the best talent.

Similarly, a candidate can search the jobs and careers for any desired location any where in the globe, thus it provides him more choices to help him to try to improve his future.

Don't we all cherish an unbounded global society? What should we do to reach such lofty desire? Our answer is that let us at the least create data base structures which transcend man made barriers.

At present the data base includes 180 countries, 197 states and 5000 cities or towns with our present resources; but in future we plan to include cities/towns/villages having population of over 1000 persons, there by to cater to urban as well as rural area and meeting needs of even tiny, small, medium and large business.

The web site is being promoted globally so as to populate it with data of employers and job seekers and those looking to career change.

2 Conceived by an HRD specialist This site has been designed by Overview Consultants, with help from a software expert from IIT Delhi. Please click on link below "About us" if you are interested to know our back ground and about our practices.You are assured of high standards of techniques of recruitment and selection, data storage and its retrieval, its processing which comes from insights gained over a long period.

Overview Consultants is committed to meet the manpower needs of its clients as ever, but will like to extend its expertise to not only the ever growing clientele but also to the industry and to the job seekers at large to whom we are unable to pay attention due to paucity of time. For such reasons, this web site has been created, developed and hosted.

Therefore, we believe that regular and repetitive recruitment processes can be rightly entrusted and carried through this web site with the help of the IT and other technology. Only the irregular, non repetitive, new types of recruitments, new types of positions, new industries coming up due to new and emerging technologies need more of our time, focus and human attention due to its unique cognitive skills, which the technology cannot shoulder yet.

It is our hope and appeal to the present and to prospective users to inter face with for regular and repetitive recruitments; only those recruitments which the site is incapable to handle for reasons already stated above, may please be referred to the Overview Consultants for the off line recruitments.
3 Large master databases - To get accurate results in searches of manpower and vacancies, we have inserted large size master databases of main skills and sub skills, industries and sub industries, main qualifications and sub qualifications and super specializations , types of employments, levels for professional managers, staff employees, and blue collared workers.
4 Catering to diverse industries and population - Our site is designed to meet needs of wide range of industries and population globally.
Now that the site has been so designed, developed and hosted as has been earlier stated; for your maximum benefit, join us in this movement to perfecting this market.
Vision of OVERVIEW CONSULTANTS - To be a bridge for development and optimum utilization of Human Resource.
Mission of - To be the perfect platform for utilization of Human Resources and for its Development
Avail benefits of demographic dividend of emerging economies like India by obtaining their vast pool of young talented manpower from our data bases on
Listed below are some of the benefits in using for all the stake holders, that is, the candidates, employers as well as man power consultants.
Benefits for the job seekers:
1. you get maximum compensation(salary) and optimize quality of life

2. you obtain perfect match for your back ground as well as for your needs.

3. you are provided un paralleled templates to high light your profile

4. we provide opportunities for careers , not only jobs according to your profile

5. your data is presented in a structured manner for easy grasp of employers.

6. you get career advice

7. you receive jobs inquiries on your email and on phone without even applying

8. you receive counseling on your resume.

9. you actualize your potential and meet your aspirations.

10. you get short term projects, summer jobs, short term employment, temps etc.

11. you get mentors, guides, counselors etc

12. you get to venture into self employment or to enhance income , if in business.

13. get your training and developmental needs fulfilled.

14. reduce cost of job search

15. bench mark yourself

Benefits for the employers:
1. enhance profit and profitability

2. reduce over all man power cost

3. get efficiency from employees

4. reduce recruiting costs

5. reduce cycle time for recruitments significantly

6. bench mark your company

7. get man power from institutions of your choice

8. get them trained

9. plan careers for them

10. get an HR consultant

11. get candidates who are flexible for locations

12. get man power for your world wide needs

13. get performance achievement oriented & motivated persons

14. get persons with potential who can be your future CEOs

15. get consultants, experts, trainers, home based employees

16. get temporary employees

17. get seasonally available employees

18. train & develop your employees

19. enhance employee morale

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